The Professional Face-to-Face Fundraising Association (PFFA) has been formed by leading non-profit organizations (NPO) and professional fundraising agencies (PFA) to ensure sustainable face-to-face fundraising practice. Since 2015, PFFA participants have been working toward this mission.

Face-to-face fundraising is growing in importance as non-profits look for new ways to engage and inspire new donors. More than 350,000 new regular donors pledge to NPOs every year through face-to-face fundraising activities: street, door-to-door, retail and private event fundraising or canvassing. These donors contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to NPOs' critical mission-related work.

Educate & Inform

To educate and inform the public, non-profit organizations, professional fundraising agencies, regulatory bodies, and the private sector about benefits/values of face-to-face fundraising, operations/admin of face-to-face, best practices, benchmarking, and transparency.


To advocate for the face-to-face industry in general, non-profit organizations, professional fundraising agency staff, more friendly licensing protocols, best practice standards across the industry, awareness & public perception, perception of competence, and skill of face-to-face fundraisers.

Protect Donors

To protect donors and their choice to give, as well as the reputation of non-profit organizations and the face-to-face industry.


To represent our members and the profession.


To regulate the professional and ethical performance and behavior of professional fundraising agencies and non-profit organizations with internal face-to-face fundraising teams.


To lead the industry, public perception, and benchmarking within the sector.

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